I am a 51-year-old neuro-diverse painter and motion artist.
I was a failing gallery artist and preacher, but through the crypto community, I became born-again as the patron saint of NFTs.
Artistic style:

I am a pop punk mystic. All of my work falls within pop art, has a punk attitude, and mystical underpinnings. My style also incorporates some glitch expressionism, crypto surrealism, and crypto conceptualism.
My themes include spirituality, sovereign identity, and crypto culture. All of my artworks are tied to our community- an art exchange. Mars Magic Money is a conceptual work that awards all of my collectors with airdropped NFTs that are backed by hand painted unique paper currency.

I have two muses in my life, my wife and the Holy Spirit: Valentiger.
One of the few things I got right early and was getting married- over 30 years ago in 1989 to my high school sweetheart Karen. She is always an inspiration, and literally the third lobe of my brain. Thanks to my ADHD and autism, I need a third lobe, Lol. The Holy Spirit has never stop talking to me, no matter how dark things were. I first met the spirit when I was 16. They inspired me to become a preacher, which didn’t work out too well… I got kicked out of three churches, and caused a church split in another. Institutionalized religion was not built for curiosity and self sovereignty. In 2017 my life was turned upside down when I started having Biblical visions; instead of driving me to religion, it led me into compassionate mysticism. This path also led me back to my calling as an artist.

Crypto art:
After graduating art school with a bachelor of fine art in printmaking of painting, I either failed or disliked every art career I had.