D41LY PR4Y3R 2.23.22 | BL3SS3D PS4LM 1

Wicked councils have selfish motives. These wicked councils can come in the form of families, all politics, market manipulators, religion, or fake friends. Lord lead me to wise counsel.
My autistic brain is fragile and sometimes gullible; I dont need bullshit. I am not of this world. amen
– Mars Eve | Gospel of Mars | Daily Prayers Psalm 1:1


Digital confessions, declarations, pleading, and questions. Prayers can be mundane mantras like a skipping record, or a passionate kiss, or screams of terror. They do not get lost in the void.
Keep speaking.
Blessed is the person who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,

Spiritual #Objkt ! D41LY PR4Y3R 2.23.22 | BL3SS3D PS4LM 1
Conceptual art videos with #spiritual themes..
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