D41LY PR4Y3R 3.3.22 | J0Y 2022

FVCK3D! So far 2022 has sucked. It started with Omicron sickness, then a weird ‘amygdala hijack'(I thought I was having a mental breakdown). Then I had meth-like medication withdrawals.. BUT March was the first month of the year under the Roman calendar- named after Mars! I am rebooting 2022 with joy! amen
@mars_eve | Gospel of Mars | Daily Prayers Joy 2022


D41LY PR4Y3R 3.3.22 | J0Y 2022

joy D41LY PR4Y3R 3.3.22 | J0Y 2022

Conceptual art videos with #spiritual themes..
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Digital confessions, declarations, pleading, and questions. Prayers can be mundane mantras like a skipping record, or a passionate kiss, or screams of terror. They do not get lost in the void.
Keep speaking.
Blessed is the person who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,