“Cheers Yall” Animated Pop Video NFT


Hey! I’m so excited to join this community! This Genesis animation is inspired by Known Origin- reminding me of the British pop culture I grew up with in Texas!

This is a tribute to my teenage years when Billy Idol was my idol. Then Generation X led me to the Sex Pistols, which led me to being a wild little Texas punk rocker. Even now my wife and I are obsessed with British pop culture, like watching every episode of Silent Witness. Today my favorite bands today are Foals and Royal Blood.

British in Texas

When I was 12, I remember buying Duran Duran’s first album on cassette, only to find it was missing “Is There Something I Should Know?”. Then I learned they re-released the album with the new track.

When I was 13, I saw Billy Idol in concert at Six Flags Over Texas. A new wave girl flashed her boobs at me in exchange for my Billy Idol poster… I said- No.

Still British in Texas… XCOPY is my fav artist!

Be prepared for more outrageous arcade/MTV/punk/comicbook neo-pop! I am working on a collection based on some of this imagery- in pure ADHD frenetic chaos!

Cheers Yall!