Georgina Hooper is a unique ai artist
Its fun working with others art… it pushes me..

Consistency. Ugh I’ve never been good at this…. But however I learned it- I do have a day job that I go to every single f day. So I can’t be consistent

I found success, new friends, and lucky enough to find myself in the birth of a movement.

Yesterday I talked to a guy who simply put up a page about being the Netflix of AI animation, and already got an offer from Routers for an interview. This is how early we are.

Consistency- Even if it is once a week, if you are consistent it’s like a magic spell. Maybe it’s some kind of cyclical… hell I don’t know.

I’m excited to interview Georgiana, it stretches me also to make graphics for each show and help me keep my design chops up… In this work I like how she keeps the Dalle watermark as part of the artwork

Supposedly she’s more of a traditional artist but what the hell does that even mean… Almost sounds like an insult.
Tune in for a great show!! (or REC) .. did I mention these will be a podcast??

New Dreambooth tech… faster!! (ai shit)

New frames for a MARS.TEZ / MS pAIntings drop!! GUESS who?
another one – dj mars


MJ new blend feature..
I like making these Version 4 images of myself.. Mars alternate ai universe..

I made a screenrecord ad for my PVNKR scifi series!

Gallery is here: