RunwayML Part 2

So today I finally finished my runway submission. It turned out great! I’m really happy with the results… The Eden AI created some really interesting animations.

I did have to alter my story to align with the AI, I guess I do tend to think a lot darker content-wise, but the AI kept creating more positive or linear conceptual imagery. However I did I was lucky to get a kind of time progression in my story. Even after I was finished I realized there was something missing I needed some kind of conceptual cohesiveness to the work, so it already had some clock faces in it. So I decided to go with the idea of faces because there was already a lot of faces, so I integrated a few more clock face digital AI animations inside the animation, to bring the whole faces motif through the whole story.

Also because this is a film festival, or really anytime you do storytelling the easiest aspect of this is to think about 3x structure. So I had to go back through my story and make sure that there was some kind of separation or some kind of content difference that would represent at least three acts of a story. Even without using animated gifts, I think see previous post, I think that if you were to directly import footage into a video editor, you could do snapshots of the before and after frames of an area you wanted to fill and simply drop those as image from send to Eden and get some interesting surreal abstract AI animation in between. I had to do this twice and it worked out well.

Today I was also reflecting about a Twitter post I had read about style. Well actually the Twitter post was not about style but I had similar thoughts about style not being a premium aspect of art anymore, because anything can be replicated. So this guy had a great post about other things that you could do to help keep your work original even if somebody tries to copy it.

This got me thinking about style. Because I’m not a style artist and never been, I’ve always just relied on the fact that I’m a pop artist, that I also like to work in glitch, and use themes such as superheroes, and religion, and sci-fi.

I’ve been thinking about how to address the issue of style as my work is becoming more public I’m getting more collectors, and I am just like this right here blogging more for evergreen content.

So I was thinking about the whole idea of Jack of all trades and thinking about how to rework that into something for an artist. Because I am more of a mad scientist.

After listening to the interview with tukes on our AI art today show, I realize that he constantly switches up styles but he’s always glitch related or abstract related. And very experimental. So at least with tukes, there is some framework so with me I need to be able to come up with some kind of system that I can create signature work.

So I was thinking of creating a different place on the website where I would address the different aspects of my work, like portraits. With AI I haven’t realized how many portraits I’ve done. And just having a page talking about the different portrait side done I thought would be interesting. Comic work also… Even though I don’t make comics I use superheroes and comic related stuff in a lot of my artwork.