Join the Adventure! Comic Gods – the Weirdest Superhero Multiverse!

Hey I’m Mars- I am a comic book addict. I am a user, but NOW I am a dealer.

Comic Gods is a superhero world building project. I used to dream about having my own superhero universe- now WE are creating it! BUT, not in the old fashioned newsprint comic book way.
We? Comic Gods is a multiverse, and you can help shape its destiny!

Comic Gods is a multimedia art project that fuses vintage comics, contemporary art, game theory, and crypto innovation.

The first phase is Origins and SuperFriends:

The second phase is Stories:

This will be multimedia stories that flow out of the new Comic Gods multiverse. The stories will come in the form of animated pages, strips, and video art. These animations will be used to create traditional online digital comics. IRL physical comics would be a natural progression!

The third phase is CrossOver:

Comic Gods is a multiverse. Other artists/storytellers will share their stories through a multimedia anthology! An IRL physical anthology would be a natural progression!

Comic Gods is dedicated to adventure, and NOT creating IP! Comic Gods will follow crypto innovation, and experiment with various media for storytelling. Comic Gods will also have contemporary art aspects, and conceptual art ventures.

Mars Magic Money is a fun ‘thank you’ to all Mars patrons who have collected art from Mars’ 0x6b59e99fAb92B36827f969db150E933061f1309b address. Every collector can claim MMM for each collected artwork. MMM is distributed through airnote airdropped NFTs that are backed by IRL art- either hand painted money, or SuperFriends sketches.

Project Linktree: