Sun Tarot – Harvest of Abundance | artist: Mars Eve

Sun tarot card inspired by the notorious Grimes.
According to Waite’s The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, this card is associated with attained knowledge, bringing hope for the future.
Grimes is leading us through the garden of abundance.

This is a digital talisman. It will ensure Metaversal abundance and protection.

Edition of 12 as part of a TMFA Community Drop
The Most Famous Artist Community
Inventory Number: TMFA0004Y21 /catalog:

Hi, I’m Mars,
I want to tweak your smile, and tweak your brain. I am an Artvangelist; art is good news!

I finally realized, its not about making money with art; its art becoming money. Art is the currency. The crypto-metaverse is upsidedown, everything is in flux, and the rules change daily. Innovation is mandatory. This also describes my brain- upsidedown & in flux; I am home!

Mars Eve (born Marshall Eve; February 14, 1971) is an American artist, cartoonist, and alchemist who is an oblique figure in the visual art movement known as POPaganda art. Born and raised in Texas, Mars visually interprets his Bible-belt environment through a surrealist lens.