Glitch Ghost GOLD v1 | 4×4

Glitch Ghost GOLD | w/ portrait sketch | Mars Eve

4×4 Collectors Edition Gold Variant | artist: Mars Eve
Limited Edition of 4 at .04!

UNLOCKABLE! All Mars Eve GOLD variants include an original portrait sketch!!
Only 4 available!

The Gold Edition is the ETH Collectors Variant of the Matic Glitch Ghost Gifty* series(Inventory#: DA0002Y21). That series is a limited edition of 20 that were never sold, but given away!

This is Mars’ twelth NFT release.
Inventory Number: DA00012Y21 /catalog:

GOLD Variant NFTs

All GOLD editions are rare originals with unlockable content.
With each original artwork, you will recieve a password, and artist contact information via email, text, or anonymous messaging via website form.

Standard GOLD variant unlockables include a portrait sketch by Mars Eve. Portraits can be hand drawn, or digital. All portraits are freehand, and in the contemporary style of the artist. Portraits can be of the patron, their avatar, or of anyone actually(especially if the patron wants to remain anonymous). Completed portraits can be delivered electronically through email, DM, or Metamask address as a Matic NFT(viewable on OpenSea). Portraits will remain private unless permission is given to publicize.