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🛠️ Utility: Mars Magic Money 6/6/2022 – custom IRL comic style hand-painted money.*

🧨Latest NFT Animation:

The Ghoster : pre-mint/KnownOrigin

The Ghoster

WIP / Coming Soon

WIP / Coming Soon

WIP / Coming Soon

Newest Superhero Collection: Panels : Comic Gods
Using vintage comics as inspiration, Mars is world building an interdimensional comic book series through animated covers, panels, and pin-ups. Each artwork has unique crypto themes. Panels #2 has a fun Degen story of ‘The Degenerator’ : pre-mint/Foundation


Covers – KnownOrigin

Panels – Foundation

Panels 1

Panels 2


🛠️ Mars Magic Money is a Web0/Web3 Art Exchange for Mars Collectors Exclusively! All Mars patrons can claim Mars Magic Money, and have a custom hand-painted paper money created in a vintage comics/contemporary art style. Each Mars Magic Money is an unique airdropped NFT backed by IRL painted paper money. MMM can be HODL for quarterly art lottery, and other art exchange perks, OR the patron can exchange/burn their airnote NFT for the shipped paper money!

The MMM Exchange opens 6/1/2022 and available to all Mars collectors who own a NFT from 0x6b59e99fAb92B36827f969db150E933061f1309b.