The stories behind the art of Mars eve


-I have been experimenting with AI animation. I have been participating as a beta tester for a type of ai interpolation animation called LERP with Stable Diffusion. This ai accepts beginning and ending prompts to guide the ai.
I wanted to use this new tech to create a complex animation series, and I needed to choose a theme.


Degen, Comics, or Spirituality

-These are the themes I have been creating with- I chose Degen. With my Degen/PopGlitch work, I always try to make work that reflects crypto pop culture. WE ARE IN A BEAR MARKET!(summer 2022) Many cryptousers have been ‘Rekt’ or loose the value of their portfolio. The entire crypto market is down. REKT 2022 is a record of the 2022 bear market.

Casinos to Graveyards

-this was the prompt to inspire the animation. I then started experimenting with various forms of decline. I generated piggy banks to skeletons, great pyramids to trash dumps, bulls to sheep to bears. It wasnt till after compiling the animations, I decided on a theme.


-I want my REKT TV! These short clips reminded me of early MTV animations. The choice was perfect! Early MTV art is a major influence to my animation style. I was born in 1971, and as a pre-teen, I watched MTV the day it launched!


-It sucks to loose your portfolio value! In the cryptospace- we are all hurting… BUT we believe in blockchain tech and self sovereign freedoms! We will laugh our way through this down turn!


-I am addicted to ai art! It is amazing to have a tool that moves at the speed of my ADD brain! Ai is a wonderful collaboration between man and machine!


-I chose KnownOrigin because I wanted this to be a limited edition run.

The work is listed under my KO ‘AI Products’ Collection: